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How to use the Monetization dashboard
How to use the Monetization dashboard
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Under Monetization, you can see a consolidated view of revenue data broken down by source and income stream. You can use this information to stay informed with revenue by associating app sales, in-app store purchases and advertisements to your selected apps.

Reporting Options

  • Platform: Select between app stores and ad networks to visualize your revenue overview. The selection you make here will effect which options you have to choose from in the apps dropdown.

  • Apps: Choose which app for which you would like to see revenue. If you have multiple apps, you can show revenue for All Apps, All Active Apps, or All Inactive Apps.

  • Countries: Narrow the revenue shown to a specific country or region. 

  • Period: Set the date range for which the chart is showing revenue.

Report Types

  • Overview: Aggregated revenue from available sources (app revenue and advertising revenue).

  • App Revenue: Shows revenue and refunds from your apps.

  • Ad Revenue: Revenue from your in-app advertising sources (if they exist).

Chart options

  • Chart Type: Visualize as a line or bar chart

  • Grouping: View revenue daily, weekly, or monthly

  • Download/Export: Export a CSV using the data from the current chart

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