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How to use your Braavo Dashboard
How to use your Braavo Dashboard
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Your Dashboard displays a consolidated view of both your connected account data and active funding products. This allows you to see how your apps are performing in multiple app stores and platforms.

Clicking any of the metrics will take you to an expanded view, which you can also access from the left navigation panel.

Can I change how the cards are displayed?

Yes, you can add, remove, or rearrange any card on the dashboard with the exception of cards for our funding products. To re-arrange a card, simply click and drag it to your desired position.

How do I add a new card to the dashboard?

To add a new card, scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click the empty card with a "+" inside. You will then be prompted to select an app and a metric you'd like to track.

How do I remove a card from the dashboard?

To remove a card, hover over it and click the "x" in the upper right corner to dismiss it.

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