Braavo provides the most comprehensive aggregation analytics on top of the Apple App Store, but it may appear different from what you're seeing in iTunes Connect.

Here are a list some common reasons why there are inevitable discrepancies:

  1. Source of reports

  2. Currency conversions

  3. Timezones

  4. Changes in data

  5. Delays

If you're wondering why your estimated sales is different from your marketplace payout, see this article instead.

Source of reports

Braavo fetches revenue data from Apple's Summary Sales Report. We parse each sale/refund and compile a daily record of proceeds. While this report is more accurate than the iTunes Connect Proceeds report (available in the iTC ui), the two don't always match.

Apple directly states that their own reports are only estimates:

Currency conversions

Braavo displays your aggregated data in the currency of your choice. We use the original currency of the transaction (from the Summary Sales Report) to convert your revenue to a single currency, using daily currency exchange rates.

You can change your currency settings in your preferences.


The iTunes Connect UI defaults to UTC time when viewing reports. Make sure you are setting this to PST to see daily sales as represented in Braavo.

Changes in data

Apple's figures change from time to time. Each day, our system re-syncs data for the past 7 days. At this point, data is mostly stable, but it is possible for changes to occur.


Apple provides daily reporting on all sales records. However, sometimes user purchases can take up to 5 days to settle due to internet connectivity, payment issues, etc. Therefore, it is possible that any day's revenue could continue to change for several days after it has been reported.

What you see on your dashboard is the sales data we have received from Apple as of yesterday.

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