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How to use the Acquisition Overview
How to use the Acquisition Overview

View consolidated marketing spend.

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On the Paid Acquisitions page, you can see a consolidated view of your marketing expenditures. You can use this information to keep track of the cost of your advertising spend on, and effectiveness at, acquiring more users.

By default, the chart will show spend by channel against blended CPI. When you select / de-select channels, blended CPI will reflect the weighted average of the visible channels.

Reporting Options

  • Channels: Select between ad sources to visualize your spending overview.

  • Apps: Choose which app for which you would like to see marketing spend.

  • Period: The date range for which you are viewing data. This will change the timeline in both the chart and the table below.

Report Types

  • Spend: Overall spend on marketing channels

  • Installs: App installs by marketing channel

  • CPI: Cost per impression

Chart options

  • Chart Type: Visualize as a line or bar chart

  • Grouping: View performance daily, weekly, or monthly

  • Download/Export: Export a CSV using the data from the current chart

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