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What is Accelerate and how does it work?
What is Accelerate and how does it work?
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Accelerate gives mobile app companies early access to their app store and advertising revenue, enabling them to scale quickly without relying on funding. You'll receive up to your approved percentage of earnings in 7 days as opposed to waiting for up to 60 days for the App Stores to pay. If your app is live and already generating revenue, chances are we can help.

Do I have to spend the money on marketing / do you have a say in what I do with the money?
We think spending on UA is one of the best ways to grow your business, however we do not have specific limitations on what you use the money for.

How do I receive my earnings?
We become the recipient bank. You never have to worry about reverse ACH's. We receive payment, take our small fee, and then transfer the  balance between the complete Apple Payment and what you’ve advanced.

Is there a time commitment?
No. You can start and stop the Accelerate service as frequently as you like.

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