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Connecting Accounts
Connecting Accounts
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The Integrations page is where you can manage the data sources used in your Analytics reports and Braavo's underwriting process.

Braavo supports integrations with the following types of platforms:

  • Accounting

  • Ad network

  • Analytics

  • App Store

  • Attribution

  • Billing

  • Marketing Channel

For a list of the data sources that can be used in Braavo Analytics reports, see: What data will I see in Braavo Analytics?

Linking an App Store Account

To get start with Braavo, you will need to link at least one app store account, from either Apple App Store or Google Play. This will allow our system to match your apps with associated revenue, spend, or analytics from other platforms.

Linking Accounts

Braavo securely connects to your accounts while keeping you in control. Each platform has its own connection specifications, so be sure to read the instructions for each platform by clicking on its card. Braavo connects to your accounts in the following ways:

  • Standard: Invite a User- You will create an account within the target platform and invite a specified Braavo user to the account. Our system will automatically accept the invitation and begin loading data.

  • OAuth - Where available, you will authenticate with your target platform account and provide OAuth access to the Braavo app.

  • Credentials - In cases where the above methods are not supported, you will enter your credentials into the UI and they will be securely stored and encrypted by Braavo. It is recommended that you create a separate user for this purpose, so that you can control user access within the target platform.

In some cases, you will need to perform multiple steps to configure an account. These platforms will be marked with steps to indicate your progress getting connected:

Multiple Accounts

For some platforms, you will be able to add multiple accounts. In cases where this is supported, you will see a button to Add Another Account when clicking into the platform card.

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