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Getting Started Guide

Learn how to set up and get the most out of your Braavo Dashboard

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Once you've created your Braavo account, you can start exploring the reports and features of your dashboard. Even if you're not ready to start taking funding, our analytics and business intelligence tools are free to use and only take a few minutes to set up!

Link Accounts

Click on the icon in the lower left of the navigation bar to head into the linked accounts page. All of our integrations are plug-and-play, so you don't need to do any engineering work to get set up.

  • App Stores: make sure to connect all of your app store accounts so you'll get the full breakout.

  • Ad Networks: monetizing your app through ads? Great! Connect your publisher accounts to see those earnings as well. You'll get both a full overview (including your in-app revenue) as well as a breakdown of the ad specific earnings and performance.

  • Payment Processors: Do you collect off-app payments via Stripe? We're the only analytics provider that will show you this revenue alongside your app revenue, giving you the entire picture of your daily earnings.

  • Paid User Acquisition: Are you spending money to acquire users on Google, Facebook and other UA platforms? Link advertising accounts to get a consolidated view of this activity as well.


Our analytics and BI software works for any revenue-generating mobile app business, in any category, anywhere in the world. However, our strongest feature set is for subscription-based apps. Our data includes all critical KPIs for both active and trial subscriptions. If you have multiple apps, we'll break out the data accordingly.

Additional Features

Want to add team members? Go to ⚙ Settings → Manage Users to invite other people in your company to your Braavo account. Depending on the permission level you set, this will allow them to just view reports or make changes to funding.

Non-US business? No problem! Our platform is currency agnostic, so we'll default to the reporting currency used by the app stores. If you'd like to make changes, go to ⚙ Settings → Preferences to change the reporting currency for any or all of your linked accounts.

Any additional questions? Want a demo before getting started? Just shoot us an email: to schedule a call.

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