Braavo's flexible system allows you to control your Accelerate service in the following ways:

  • Changing your Advance rate

  • Paying out an accrued balance

  • Activating new networks

To access these settings, click on Manage Settings from the Funding Overview page:

Changing your Advance Rate
For each marketplace you've activated for Accelerate, you'll see the current advance rate.

You can adjust the slider to set a new rate as needed:

You can set this rate change to take place moving forward, or retroactively by setting an effective date in the past. You will be able to make a retroactive change for any period that has not already been advanced.

Paying out an accrued balance
If currently have 0% advance rate at any of your networks, you will be able to retroactively advance funds for any period that has not already been paid out by the marketplace.

By pressing Pay Full Balance, the system will automatically adjust your settings to pay out the full accrued balance. You can further adjust these settings by modifying the advance rate and the effective date of the new rate.

Activate marketplaces
On this panel you will also see eligible marketplaces that you have connected but are not activated for Accelerate. To request activation, simply press Activate on this screen:

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