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How to manage multiple users on your account
How to manage multiple users on your account

Learn about managing users and role permissions in your Braavo account

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Need other team members or contractors to access your Braavo account? You can add users to your company and control their access from the settings menu:

On this page you'll see a list of current users. Click on the button on the top right to add a new user:

On this screen, select the level of access you want to provide this user:

User Roles
The following roles are available for users:

  • Admin - These users have full access to your account, including the ability to edit users, and request funding.

  • Accountant - These users have read-only access to the Funding pages (Accelerate, Extend, Card). They are not able to request funding.

  • Analyst - These users have access to the Dashboard* and Revenue, Subscriptions, Paid Acquisition pages.

  • Agency - These users have access only to the Integrations page. They can add Integrations or modify Integrations they have previously added. No access to any other features.

*While these users can see the Dashboard, they will not see Dashboard cards related to reports they don't have access to. For example: an Analyst will see Revenue cards on the Dashboard, but not Funding cards.

Deleting or editing 

You can remove a user or change their role at any time from the Manage Users page:

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