Creating Custom Reports

How to create your own reports in Braavo Analytics

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Custom Reports makes it easy to aggregate and export data for your own analysis, without the headaches of parsing receipts or stitching together multiple reports from different sources.

Getting Started

To get started, navigate to Custom Reports in the sidebar:

To create a report, you'll need to select each of the following:

  1. Report type

  2. Period

  3. Interval

  4. Dimension(s)

  5. Metric(s)

Report Types

Select a report type to begin defining your report. Each report type has its own set of metrics and grouping logic. The following report types are currently supported:

  1. Subscription Cohorts - This report provides cohort level subscriptions data from app stores and billing platforms. It's best for tracking retention, revenue, and LTV metrics across daily, weekly, or monthly cohorts.

  2. Subscription Events -  This report aggregates time-based subscriptions event data from app stores and billing platforms. It's perfect for seeing subscription events such as revenue, renewals, and cancellations in given time period. 

  3. Summary - This report combined revenue and user acquisition event data from app stores, ad networks, and acquisition channels to give you a holistic picture of top-line activity in your apps.


This sets the dates for which you'd like to see data from. Based on the report you choose, this will either be the date of activity (Summary, Subscription Events) or cohort birth date (Subscription Cohorts).


This sets the granularity for each date or cohort in the period.


Dimensions allow you to further split periods or cohorts by additional parameters like platform, app, and country. Each of these will introduce an additional layer of rows for each interval. 


These selections will be the columns of your report.  Note: some metrics are not available by country split at the moment. These will be automatically disabled.

Once made all your selections, click Generate Report:

Once your report has been generated, a download link will be sent to your email address. Simple reports will be available instantly. Complex reports containing cohorts, longer durations, and many dimensions will take more time to generate.

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