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Receive on-demand payments with PayMeNow
Receive on-demand payments with PayMeNow

View your available balance and exactly what you need, when you need it

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Note: this feature is available on a qualified basis. If you're interested and don't have access, please contactย 

PayMeNow is a self-serve and on-demand solution for Braavo Accelerate. At any time, you can check your available receivables and transfer an exact amount to your bank account, making it easy to pay bills, run campaigns, or smartly manage working capital.

View available balance
On the Funding Overview page, you will be able to see your available balance:

Your balance includes any day's sales that have not yet been paid out by an app store or ad network, including days that have already been partially advanced.

It excludes sales that will be paid out by an app store or ad network in the next 5 days, preventing you from advancing money that's due soon (and accruing unnecessary fees to Braavo).

Making a transfer
From this screen, click Pay Me Now to bring up the transfer menu. Here you can specify any amount within your balance to be paid out:

Since you may be advancing from several marketplaces, the Breakdown view will show how this figure will be pulled from each.

Upon confirming the transfer, you'll receive two email notifications:

  1. Request has been received

  2. Payment has been sent

Using On-Demand and Recurring Payments
You can use on-demand and automatic payments in unison. If you'd like to use on-
demand payments only, make sure to set your auto-advance rate to 0%. In this case, you will see there are no auto-payments scheduled:

If you'd like to keep auto-payments on, but be able to top up additional amounts using on-demand payments, make sure your auto-payments are enabled by keeping your advance rate above 0%.

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