Does Braavo offer invoices?

Learn how to reconcile your advances and repayments

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Why Braavo doesn't offer invoices

Some of our clients ask us for invoices to help reconcile their end of month accounting. Braavo does not offer invoices for the following reasons:

  1. Fees taken are not according to an invoice, but to our master agreement

  2. Braavo's clients do not pay Braavo for products or services, since fees are collected from marketplaces (like app stores or ad networks).

What Braavo does offer

Summary Report

That said, we completely understand the need for reconciling sales, advance payments, and costs of capital! There are a few ways to get this information.

The simplest way to understand the flow of payments between marketplaces, Braavo, and your business is the Summary table, shown on the Funding Overview Page:

This view neatly summarizes all funding and repayment activity grouped by a single marketplace earnings period. For most marketplaces, this represents a calendar months' worth of sales, while for Apple App store this represents their fiscal calendar periods. By hovering over the Balance payment figure (the amount Braavo distributes to your business once it receives payment from a marketplace and applies to repayments and fees), you'll see a full summary for what you've advanced, paid down, and received for a each period. This can also be exported for your own record keeping.

Daily Breakdown Report

Even with a neat summary created for you, some clients need to fit these sales periods into their own accounting practices. For this purpose, Braavo also offers a Daily Breakdown, showing the same information split by day and marketplace. This allows you to export this information at a granular level and re-assemble it according to your own accounting practices:

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