Understanding Balance Payments
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Whenever Braavo receives a publisher's payout from a marketplace, we send you a Balance Payment. If you have advanced any of these sales, we will collect repayments
and fees and pass the rest onto you. If not, we'll pass the full payment on to you.

It's important to understand how Braavo calculates your marketplace balance payments - and there are a few ways to get this information:

Summary Report

The Summary table, on the Funding Overview Page, neatly summarizes all funding and repayment activity by marketplace:


  • Earnings Period is the sales dates for which the balance payment was calculated against. This is typically a calendar months' worth of sales, for most marketplaces, while for Apple App store this represents their fiscal calendar periods. It's important to note that 

  • Marketplace Payment is the payout that your marketplace sends for that earnings period. Braavo then deducts previously advanced funds + fees, and sends the balance to you. 

Tip: Hover over the Balance payment figure to see the full breakdown of how the marketplace payment was allocated to Braavo products, including both Accelerate and Extend repayments and fees. If you have earned any fee credits, you'll see them applied here as well.

Daily Breakdown Report

Even with a neat summary created for you, some clients need to fit these sales periods into their own accounting practices. For this purpose, Braavo also offers a Daily Breakdown, showing the same information split by day and marketplace. This allows you to export this information at a granular level and re-assemble it according to your own accounting practices:

In this view, you're able to see Reported Sales by day. It is important to note that Reported Sales will rarely equal the Marketplace Payment exactly for these sales dates for two reasons:

  1. Marketplaces will constantly update these figures throughout the month. Braavo, on the other hand, will sync changes for 7 days after the sales date before locking in a final amount. 

  2. Braavo calculates earnings based on your preferred currency, based on daily exchanges rates. When marketplaces make their monthly payouts, they convert all of your customers' purchases into your payout currency, using that day's exchange rates.

Discrepancies will be present but minimal, and it's important to remember that Braavo will always collect and send balance payments based on what the marketplace actually pays - which can result in an under or over payment - rather than prior reported sales.

Export to CSV 

Use the download button to export data from either report. This will include the standard visible columns as well as the additional ones shown on hover. You can use the date picker to expand or focus on specific periods.

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