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How to use Subscription Cohorts
How to use Subscription Cohorts

Understand revenue and subscription retention in seconds

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Braavo's Cohorts tool lets you analyze cohorts of your subscribers to:

  • Understand retention patterns

  • Track up to the moment revenue from each cohort

  • Measure impact from product or pricing changes

Using the report

By default, the report will show you all apps and subscription plans across Apple and Google Play app stores. It's most useful to narrow down to a specific app or subscription plan within that app. 

Use the filters to narrow down your view:

This will provide a view that breaks down your subscribers into cohorts.


Selecting a subscription duration will limit the subscription plans and subscribers shown. In this example, we are looking at weekly retention of weekly subscriptions:

You'll notice that the first period is "0". This is the initial period of a paid subscription, and does not include trial or introductory pricing users. Period "1" is the first renewal period after initial purchase, and so on.


In addition to filtering by app, subscription, and subscription duration, you can also customize the values shown for each cohort, using the value type controls:

Values can be shown as:

  • Subscribers -  the number of subscribers that continued to renew after each period.

  • Revenue - the revenue earned from the cohort in each period. When revenue is selected, the summary column will show cumulative revenue for the cohort.

  • Percentage - the percentage of the initial cohort that are retained after each period.

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