Braavo's fee structure

We charge a flat fee on amounts advanced, ranging from 3-6% depending on the network/app store from which the earnings are being advanced. It is important to note our fee is only charged when you advance.
For Extend amounts, we charge a flat amount upfront, the total amount then gets repaid over successive months.

Vs. Other Providers:

No Interest
Unlike loans or credit cards, Braavo does not charge an interest rate on the amount borrowed or outstanding. Instead, our fees (and your costs) are fixed upfront.

No revenue share
Our Extend product is paid back over time by a percentage of your revenue. It should be noted that we collect a set percentage of revenue each month, until the amount is paid off. Once your obligations are met, we no longer collect any of your revenue, in contrast to a title publisher revenue share agreement.

No Personal Guarantees or Covenants
We don't want your house nor do we want to vote on your board. We pride ourselves on being a founder-friendly option for successful app businesses.

No Equity
It's your business, we're just here to help you grow it.

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