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How can I add multiple Facebook Accounts?
How can I add multiple Facebook Accounts?

Configuring Braavo for multiple Monetization Manager or Ad Manager Accounts

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Use Cases

  1. You are spending on Facebook through separate in-house and agency ad accounts.

  2. You are an agency and your client wants to use Braavo's product.

  3. Your Facebook monetization and ad accounts are managed by separate teams.

  4. Your Facebook business manager account was set up inconsistently across multiple users, properties, and partners.

How It works

Braavo's Facebook connection is initiated through a Facebook user account. This user's access token will provide Braavo API access to any Monetization Manager or Ad Manager accounts that the Facebook user has access to. No personal, profile, or social graph data is accessed in this process - other than the user's name, in order to match the account.

How to Configure Facebook Accounts

  1. Make sure you are signed in to a Facebook account that has access to your Monetization Manager or Ad Manager accounts.

  2. Navigate to Braavo's Integrations page and open up the Facebook pop up.

  3. Click "Add Account".

  4. Select which types of accounts you want to Connect: Monetization Manager (Facebook Audience Network), Ads Manager, or both.

  5. Click "Connect". This will initiate an OAuth connection with Facebook. Once accepted, you'll return to the Braavo

  6. On the Configuration screen, select the accounts that you want to share with Braavo. Make sure to include every account that has monetization or spend data associated with your app.

  7. Click "Save". The system will fetch data from all the enabled accounts, and display in your dashboard in up to 1-2 days.

  8. To add another account, simply repeat the process. You will need to log out of the previous Facebook account before adding another one.

Controlling Data Access

Braavo allows you to configure exactly which Facebook data you share. This data set is consistent everywhere in the Braavo platform: the data displayed in Braavo Analytics, used in our underwriting process, and funded against is all based on your configuration.

At any time, you can edit the accounts you share data from directly on the Facebook pop-up.

Note: Customers who are actively financing FAN revenue cannot enable/disable Monetization Manager Accounts without contacting support.

How to Connect an Agency Account

There are two ways that your Agency can share your data with Braavo. Both ensure that the Agency has total control over what data is shared with their clients and the Braavo platform. This ensures that:

  • App companies can aggregate their data from multiple accounts, whether they own the accounts or not.

  • Agencies can protect clients from seeing data about other clients, including the names of their ad accounts.

  • Agencies can protect Braavo from seeing data about their other clients.

Directly (in Braavo)

This method provides additional protection and allows you to explicitly tell Braavo's platform which data it should fetch.

  1. Invite a user from your agency to your Braavo account with the "agency" role.

  2. The invited user can follow the steps above to share data from the Ad Accounts used to promote your app.

Important Note: Normally, a company user with the "admin" role can view and edit Facebook account configuration. When a connection is created by an user with the "agency" role, this connection is locked. No client user can see or edit the list of accounts, so there's no risk of sharing data across clients.

Indirectly (in Facebook)

This method can be used as a backup if the direct connection isn't feasible.

  1. Ask your agency to share every Ad Account they are using to promote your app with a Facebook user your company has access to.

  2. On the Integrations page, add a Facebook connection using this Facebook user.

If you've already connected the Facebook user to Braavo, you can also perform these steps in reverse.

  1. Add a Facebook connection to Braavo through a Facebook user your company has access to.

  2. Ask your agency to share every Ad Account they are using to promote your app with this Facebook user.

  3. On the Facebook integration pop-up, edit the accounts you are sharing.

  4. Refresh the accounts and enable the newly added ones.


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