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Earn free Advances with referrals
Earn free Advances with referrals

Earn up to $15,000 in free advances for each colleague you refer to Braavo.

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Want to earn free advances from Braavo? Braavo's referral program now offers up to $15,000 in free originations for each company you refer.

How it works

1. On the top right of your Dashboard, you'll see a prompt with the current promotion and your current balance:

2. Click on this button to access the Referral menu:

3. On the Referral page you can send invites via email, major messaging apps, or a universal link to copy and paste elsewhere.

4. Once your referral signs up, they'll be automatically attributed to your account.

5. As soon as your referral receives their first payment from Braavo, you'll receive $500 in credits.

6. These credits will be automatically applied to your fees at the moment of repayment, with no intervention needed.

7. When applied to fees, $500 will pay for:

  • $500 @ 2% fee = $25,000 in free advances

  • $500 @ 3% fee = $16,666 in free advances

8. There is no limit at the moment for the number of referrals you can make, but you'll only receive credits for referrals that activate a Braavo account and receive funding.

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