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How To Use Your Braavo Card
How To Use Your Braavo Card
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Braavo Card offers a fast, convenient way to spend your Accelerate, Pay Me Now, or Extend advances. Any company funded in USD can use Braavo Card to pay for online transactions directly with US-based merchants*, avoiding the hassles of currency conversions and transfers. Best of all, you can earn cashback on all purchases to significantly reduce your cost of capital.

Accessing Your Card Details

Once your application has been accepted, you'll be able to view your card details (incl. card number, billing address) directly in the Braavo app. Simply copy these details to use them with any online vendor.


Braavo Card can be used for any business expenses at US retailers, including marketing channels, cloud service providers, or software vendors. You can use this card for any vendor that accepts VISA card payment.

Loading Your Card

You may load your card in several different ways, directly from your Dashboard.

Accelerate - Pay Me Now

The best way to manage your card balance is through Pay Me Now top-ups. If your account has Pay Me Now enabled, you'll be able to direct transfers directly to your card from the Pay Me Now menu:

Simply select your card as the destination and submit the transfer request. This menu will also give you a preview of the cash back you will earn from spending these funds on a card:

Accelerate - Recurring Auto-Payments

To set up automatic deposits to your card, open the auto-payment settings menu:

Here you can set up a split between where you'd like your weekly payments to go. You can direct 100% of funds to a card or bank account, or split the funds in any combination totaling 100%. Our system will automatically apply this split to weekly payments.

Note: the allocation settings apply to all advanced marketplaces.


If you're applying for Extend funding, Braavo Card will be a standard option during the onboarding process.


You'll earn cashback on all purchases at US vendors. Once a month (typically the 15th day of the following month), you'll receive a rebate for the prior month's spending. The funds will be deposited back on your card and you'll receive a summary of the rewards.

*Non-US vendors, cross-border, and foreign currency transactions are not currently supported.

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