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Why is there a discrepancy between my payout and my proceeds?
Why is there a discrepancy between my payout and my proceeds?
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You might notice that your reported revenue in Braavo, or your App Store’s reporting, may differ from your actual Payout.

No need to worry - this is expected! Your Reported Sales for a given period will usually differ from your final Marketplace Payment, and a delta of ~2% is common. Here’s why:

  • To provide you with robust reporting that’s updated daily, we fetch raw data directly from your Marketplace’s reports, and normalize the data into a single preferred currency, net of estimated platform fees.

  • Prior to your payout from your marketplace, the marketplace will “finalize” your payment - which includes converting earnings to your payout currency (using a same-day FX rate), processing refunds, deducting their fees (which can vary based on transaction-type), etc.

Braavo does not go back and overwrite the revenue data on your Analytics pages after a marketplace payout. To that end, revenue reporting in your Analytics portal are considered estimates. Your final payout details will always be added to your Funding Portal, and can be found on your Transactions Page as “Marketplace Payment”

And remember that Braavo will always collect and send Balance Payments based on what the marketplace actually pays rather than prior reported sales. To learn more about that, check out an article on Balance Payments.

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