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How do I adjust my weekly Accelerate advance amounts?
How do I adjust my weekly Accelerate advance amounts?

Learn how to change your advance rate and activate new marketplaces

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Braavo's flexible platform allows you to control your Accelerate payments in the following ways:

  • Changing, or pausing, your weekly Advance rate (auto-payments)

  • Requesting on-demand payments (PayMeNow)

  • Activating new marketplaces

To access these settings, click on Manage Settings in the Accelerate section on your dashboard:

Changing your Advance Rate

For each marketplace onboarded for Accelerate, you'll see the current advance rate and can adjust the slider to set a new rate as needed:

Requesting on-demand payments

On-demand payment can be requested at any time, you’ll receive your payment the next business day. More detailed information about on-demand payments can be found here

Activate marketplaces

On this panel, you will also see available marketplaces that you have connected in your dashboard, but which are not activated for Accelerate. To request activation, just press Activate on this screen:

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