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What is Extend and how does it work?
What is Extend and how does it work?
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Extend delivers up-front funding to scale your UA budget. Funding is then repaid as a fixed percentage of your future revenue from app stores or ad networks.

Can I have multiple Extend products at once?

Yes! We call these “tranches” of funding. If your acquisition + revenue economics continue to improve after your initial Extend, you’ll be able to access additional tranches of funding, so you can continue to rapidly scale your marketing budget.

Can I use Extend for non-marketing purposes?

Extend funding is intended to help you scale your UA/marketing efforts.

Will my rate change?

No, we charge a flat, fixed fee based on the total amount funded. The fee is not variable and will not change.

Who are you working with currently?

Our clients vary from single-developer shops to multi-million dollar corporations and span across all major app store categories. Check out our page to get a sense of what they’re saying!

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