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What's the difference between Starter and Executive Analytics?
What's the difference between Starter and Executive Analytics?

An overview of plans and features

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Braavo Dashboard Overview

When you create a new Braavo account, you can easily link your app store accounts, ad networks, and/or any other integrations (eg. Stripe, Appsflyer, Apple Search Ads, etc.) in order to measure cross-platform analytics. Creating an account, connecting your apps, and adding integrations are all completely free to do on Braavo.

Funding Dashboard

Regardless of your plan (Starter or Executive) Braavo account holders have free and unlimited access to their funding dashboard, which includes access to features such as Accelerate, Extend, Pay Me Now, Transaction History, exporting, and more.

All Braavo funding clients also have access to unlimited users on their funding dashboard, so you can easily add your team members as needed.

Starter Analytics ($0)

A Starter Analytics plan is free for anyone with a Braavo account. Starter Analytics provides detailed monetization analytics and aggregated revenue data cross-platform, meaning you can track revenue from multiple sources in one place. Here's what's included in the free plan:

  • 1 seat for non-funding clients, unlimited seats for funding clients

  • Unlimited apps & integrations

  • Monetization analytics (aggregated revenue data)

  • Funding Dashboard

Executive Analytics (starting at $99/mo)

An Executive Analytics plan starts at $99/mo for Braavo funding clients. Executive Analytics offers a deeper analysis of your app business, including subscription performance and segmentation, trials, MRR, LTV, and lots more. Here's what's included:

  • Everything in Starter, plus:

    • Subscription analytics

    • Ad spend analytics

    • Trials & conversion analytics

    • Paid user acquisition tracking

    • Engagement metrics

    • Cohorts & LTV metrics

    • Unlimited exports

    • Custom reports

    • VIP email support

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